About Me


It’s a personal passion of mine to demonstrate what great writing can achieve. 

In my most recent role, I served as Senior Communications Specialist (previously Staff Writer/Editor) at AMITA Health. My responsibilities included interviewing SMEs to write content for monthly associate and physician newsletter articles, video/script writing, leadership announcements, HR materials, screensavers, intranet content management and more. I managed the editorial calendar and content, assigned stories to freelance writers and photographers and assisted with change management communications post-acquisition. I’ve supported and led communication plans for employee engagement, open enrollment, patient safety survey and employee wellness campaigns.

I’m obsessed with company voice, never miss a deadline and an AP Style junkie who’s been turned away from the Oxford comma.

Because I can’t not write (double negative, anyone?), I write fiction in my free time and have edited fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, agent submission packages (including query, synopsis and first ten pages), as well as professional resumes and cover letters.

I’m currently performing freelance editing and writing, and you can find me on Upwork!

I am a graduate of the University of Tampa where I received a Bachelor of Arts in English and writing. I graduated magna cum laude with Honors Program distinction in the top 10% of my class. I also received a graduate-level Publishing Certificate from the University of Denver Publishing Institute.

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